[NAFEX] organicism to birthcontrol

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Hey Rabbit,


Do you have any idea what these people are talking about?  There are many
senders I just delete regardless of the topic inside or outside of my NAFEX
interests.  If it is "so-and-so" it is trash.


I decided to read this one and wonder if they should not be joining "The sky
is falling" email group.  Not sure how this is pertinent to NAFEX.


I almost sent that same advice for those people to the NAFEX list but I


A lot of people have huge, egocentric attitudes regarding humanity, as if we
are the end-all, beat-all of the planet earth.  When you tell them humanity
is of the same consequence to the earth as fleas riding an elephant, they
shut down or attack.  They just keep spouting "The sky is falling, we are
killing the planet".


Planets are quite capable of killing themselves and do not need any help
from anybody.  One merely has to look up to understand that little detail.


The good news.  To my understanding and research just as our earth has a
seasonality that result from our orientation to our sun, our solar system
has seasonality as part of our galactic orbit and orientation to the
galactic barycenter and oscillating orbit.  In that galactic orbit we are
just coming out of late spring and entering early summer.


Figure 1  Galactic Year 225 Million Years Long


The galactic seasonality is due to the alignment of the galactic core versus
the galactic barycenter and the solar systems position to that relationship
in its orbit of the galaxy.


For the record, dinosaurs emerged earlier last galactic year than mankind
emerged this galactic year.  Humanity is late blooming I guess.


The big test for mankind will be the late galactic fall when the dinosaurs
died out just last galactic year.  Yup, that was just at the start of last
galactic winter that the dinos died out.


I would love to lecture the "sky are falling people" but that is pointless.
The "Pareto Principle" explains that phenomenon ("vital few and trivial








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 John and Gordon,


"You are dead center, drop dead accurate in your assessment.  Population is
the source of most of the problems we face even though that is an unpopular,
non-PC position to take.
 I have long believed that it is impossible for the human species to address
the problem, hence the inevitable." 


I would third this except to suggest that pessimism should never lead to
inaction-  Humans can address this problem and many are trying no matter how
poor are the odds- life's supposed to be a struggle.  Even the decision not
to have more than 2 children is a positive step.  Sharing your concerns on
the Internet, possibly contributing to organizations involved in
birth-control etc. 


We may be on the verge of extinction but it is also possible that technology
could lead to a longevity of survival for our species unprecedented in the
history of our planet.


No species is forever.  Keep fighting for your planet and your species.  We
aint dead yet.

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