[NAFEX] any new trials ??

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Sun Dec 16 02:48:03 EST 2007

Use the rose hips for jelly and tea, on its own or with black or herb tea.
Rose hip syrup is nice, too; I like it with sparkling water.  Maybe a little
bourbon. it's an old Vitamin-C tonic, that.  The syrup, not the bourbon.


~ Stephen


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Is anyone going to trial anything new this Spring?

Anything you are free to discuss?

Any new fruit, plant, chemical or process?


I'm thinking maybe some of those little Plums that OKIOS place sells:


American Plum

Dunbars Plum

Beach Plum

Sloe Plum

Ussuri Plum


and a Pear, 'Stacey' from Maine. I have seen them in Fedco.

I wish I could experiment with Currants, but Maine won't let be bring them
in. Rust.


I also have some Pequot Raspberries from Jim Fruth, here in the ground in


Even some news on trials already in progress would be super.


Also, any new interesting Bee plants, etc.


Rosa Rugosa grows like mad in the Maine soil.

So does Artemesia Absinthium.


I tried eating some of the Rugosa hips. "Little orange bags of seeds'. Am I
doing this wrong?


Finally, growing tobacco is like falling off a log. (use for bug control)

Just watch the Tomato Hornworms. They actually eat the stuff.

Plus, if you have a friend that dips, he'll like it too.






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