[NAFEX] mystery citrus

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Sat Dec 15 08:21:08 EST 2007

My company cafeteria often has displays of food lying around that aren't 
really there to be eaten, just to look at.  This week they had an 
ornamental basket of a citrus fruit i've never seen, and I wonder if the 
smart people here can identify it.

It was about the size of a mandarine, or a little smaller, orange, and 
roughly tear-drop shaped, or maybe a little pear shaped.  At any rate, it 
had a plump round and and a narrower pointy end, and was considerably 
longer than it was round.  Otherwise, the shape was regular and the skin 
seemed smooth.  I didn't try to buy one (although in retrospect, I wonder 
if I could have) so I don't now how it tastes or how seedy it is. 

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