[NAFEX] Organicism

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Fri Dec 14 17:09:25 EST 2007

So as a chemist who's always grown organically, where's my cult?  

Organic produce should be just as pretty, at least, as the conventional
stuff.  There are almost no pests or diseases that cannot be handled with
organic methods; plum curculio is an extremely difficult exception, and I'm
thankful that we don't have to deal with it out West.  I think if we did, my
food coop would have kept IPM options; as it is now, we have only organic
produce - and it really is the best in town.  I'm not being chauvinistic;
I'm barely involved in the coop except as a shopper, and I know many local
grocers and gardeners.  I wonder if some organic growers still think that
organic means doing nothing for pest control beyond improving the soil, or
not even that?  You still need to be diligent, and use organic controls as
needed.  I would never assume someone would buy blemished or otherwise
sorry-looking food over good-looking stuff because it's organic; organic
farmers here do best when quality and price are both competitive.

~ Stephen

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Alan Haigh wrote:

> Organicism, now there's a word, sounds like a cult religion.  Certainly 
> we wouldn't describe the belief in organic agriculture as being anything 
> like that.  You know, suggesting that  embracing modern chemistry in 
> every other aspect of our existence but rejecting the use of even a 
> single man-made chemical in our agriculture is somehow a little crazy.  
> I would certainly never make such a suggestion.  I'd be offending most 
> of my friends if I did.

Nah.  Many haven't been so quick to embrace modern chemistry in every 
other aspect of our existence.  Given the fact that the problems 
manifest themselves long after modern chemistry gifts hit the market, 
and usually decades past, it might be safe to say your friends might not 
remember it was you who suggested it.  So...you're safe...suggest away

Would the opposite of organicism be chemicism?  ;)

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