[NAFEX] organicism and list protocal

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 09:51:03 EST 2007

It's possible to be so civil that you don't really convey your meaning.
Let's be a bit more direct.  Yes, I'm new to the list and I'm not quite sure
of your point.  I don't feel  I'm being excessively strident, I'm a flautist
not a trumpeter.

Just because a subject has been brought up before doesn't mean that you
veterans have control or should have control of its appearance later.  When
a topic comes up of no personal interest it requires no great effort to skim
by and go to the next.

The points I'm bringing up may be boring leftovers to you but I think your
dismissal of their basic nature (even if expressed genteelly) as being
excessively strident is unfair.  These are vital issues to us all not just
big- media talking points.  If members aren't interested they won't respond
and the postings will disappear.

Maybe we need to have an elected government to steer postings in a direction
that most pleases a majority of members.  For now I can only judge interest
by the level of response.  I'm sorry, but I like controversy and I don't
think that it is destructive, even on this list.  What's wrong with
challenging people to think and defend their positions?  Some people like
their food spicy and some bland- Isn't there room for both here?

Respectfully yours, Alan Haigh
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