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Thu Dec 13 20:04:23 EST 2007

As a newbie I would like to know if the general theme of this site is the promotion of so called "organic farming/gardening/orcharding"?? I do not hold to many principles of the organic movement.? I compost and try to keep everything grown on my land, on my land.? I will use chemicals when they are called for.? I have seen the pitiful organically grown fruit and vegetables at local markets and noted that they were at a much higher price for a less desirable product.

If you have ever picked cotton or hoed corn in the South of the U.S. you will know that "facilities" were not provided.? If you had to go, you took a short jaunt into nearby woods, or behind a well grown fence row and did what was required.? Much of the time you worried about getting enough to eat more than about its sanitary condition.

This is a very interesting site and I appreciate that it doesn't hold strictly to only fruit growing.

?Gordon Hale
Grand Prairie, Texas

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