[NAFEX] hybrid persimmons

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Tue Dec 11 23:32:54 EST 2007


Another persimmon variety that has been proposed as a possible virginiana/ 
kaki hybrid is Geneva Long, arising from the hybridizing efforts of 
Professor Slate at Geneva, NY.  While the cold-hardiness and  size of this 
persimmon is typical for an American , the oblong shape of the fruit is 
somewhat unusual. The foliage is characteristic for this cultivar, and the 
shape and gloss of the leaves somewhat reminiscent of Asians. The seeds are 
also thin and  oblong and resemble kaki seeds. Unlike any of the other wild 
or named cultivars of virginiana that I’ve tried,  it, to my taste, lacks 
any variation of the characteristic American persimmon flavor, and while 
sweet, is comparatively bland like a kaki. Also, green fruit ripens well off 
the tree – another quality I believe is seen more often with kaki than 
virginiana..  So, whoever is doing the DNA analysis of Keener may be 
interested in examining this variety as well.

Alan Stein
Pittsburgh, PA
Zone 6

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>In a message dated 12/8/2007 5:07:24 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>Lucky.PIttman at murraystate.edu writes:
> >
> > My Rosseyanka is seedless, so far anyway.
> >
> > Mine is - mostly; an occasional fruit will have a single seed.
> > Seems like I remember Jerry Lehman in his report on it, back in '98 or 
> > indicating that he got 12 seeds out of 85 fruits.
>Yes, Rosseyanka (Russian Beauty TM) is mostly seedless and Lucky reported
>correctly. Of those seeds maybe 50% are viable. I have several seedlings 
>aren't apomictics, expressing themselves as male and females. Thus far only 
>has fruited for me and was very disappointing. Inferior to the seed parent 
>randon 90C named cultivars. Have no idea of the pollen parent.
>Yes, Nikita's Gift  (TM) is a back cross of Rosseyanka to kaki and was bred
>at Yalta by Dr. Kazas. It is a wonderful persimmon but too temperature
>sensitive for 5b. I suspect the danger point is zero degrees, but 
>definitely more
>hardy than any kaki and I've tried many kaki seedlings here as well as 
>several onto 90C virginiana. It ripens late but is very sweet, large and 
>turn as red as a tomato. It should be a wonderful selection for zone 6 and
>higher. Mine bore a heavy crop this year and sad to say I wasn't paying 
>attention, waiting for  Nov to pick them and the birds beat me to them. :-(
>Regarding Keener, the foliage looks like virginiana and I poo pooed the 
>it was a hybrid. This year mine fruited and I now believe it could be a
>hybrid. Very large, mild flavor and the seed is shaped more like kaki then
>virginiana. I hope to have the DNA run next year.
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