[NAFEX] soil testing

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 07:09:52 EST 2007

Stephen and all, my business has me working different soils in hundreds of
locations and believe me, this is an intimate relationship.  My wife
routinely threatens me with divorce for all the dirt I drag into the house-
blond hairs she ignores.  Nevertheless, the only debilitating issues I ever
encounter are drainage and insufficient depth of soil so I'm far from expert
on having soil tested for contaminants.  I just use the basic acid
extractions to get fertilizer recs. which I reinterpret to my own
perspective and methods.

I'm curious why you'd go to private companies for this kind of analysis
instead of using the facilities at UC Davis, which I'd guess would generally
be significantly less expensive because they are subsidized by taxpayer
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