[NAFEX] soil tests

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Tue Dec 11 03:40:31 EST 2007

Thanks!  It is awfully frustrating.  I've often grown a large percentage of
our groceries.  Now, not only have I no veg, I've been hesitant to put in
any fruits.  In the past, like many of us, I've grown herbs, fruits, and
veg, even grains, sweeteners, soy and soy products. in my vegan days, there
wasn't much grocery bill at all. 

Yes, the community thing does have value.  When I lived in the country,
people would have understood the frustration.  Here in the city, many people
don't understand where their food comes from, and many gardeners are
hobbyists more than subsistence growers.  Folks don't get it.  You all do,
and that's quite a bit of comfort.


~ Stephen


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Stephen, OK now I understand.  This is a community effort and that has value
in itself.  I've enjoyed participating also and I guess we owe you thanks
for bringing up a topic we can all relate to.  I just get a little crazy
vicariously experiencing the nightmare of owning a completely barren soil- I
need you to succeed, and quickly.  Good luck. 

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