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I'm in 6b and I planted a Ichi Ke Kei Jiro two years ago (this will be its
third winter).   I planted it in my front yard, in a place with pretty
compacted soil and it has to contend with a large silver maple's roots
drawing in as much water as they can.  I do water during the growing season
and it has grown and does appear healthy.  It has not, however, grown as
much as I would like and after the first winter there was a little die back
(tips that were above the tubex growth tube I had it in that winter.  Last
winter there was no die-back at all.  I've not yet had any flowering so no
fruit.  I will be adding drip irrigation and pulling back the mulch to apply
composted manure this spring, I'm hoping that will encourage more vigorous
growth (though the variety I chose is reportedly a dwarf variety anyway).



Burnt Ridge Nursery (which I can recommend as I've ordered from there every
year for the past 5) offers a variety they claim is hardy to zone 5 (I think
it was there), though I got mine from Edible Landscaping.  I believe that
England's Nursery also offered a variety they claimed was hardy as well.


Scott Hills

6b Saint Clair Shores, Michigan



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Yes, a couple thousand years of selective breeding can sure make a
difference.  I'm a huge fan of the fuyu non-astringent type persimmon.
Biting into one, firm but not quite hard, bright orange and sweet as a
mango, I almost regret leaving California.  I cut down my native cultivars a
few years ago (Early Golden, Meader, Garretson) because to me they weren't
paying their rent- they were just OK. 


But my single astringent kaki- now that's another story.  I've never gotten
a single fruit off that tree but every year I pop it out of the soil- it's
roots are somewhat contained in a Whitcomb fabric bag- and cart it over to
the root-cellar for winter storage with my much more generous figs.  I must
have first received that tree over a decade ago and still not a single piece
of fruit- never had much luck with establishing persimmons in CA come to
think of it.  But I was a mere novice then, depending on instructions from
Sunset Magazine 


But now I have 2 decades more experience and resources like the Nafex List.
So I'm shouting out, have any of you successfully harvested Kaki's,
especially the non astringents, in a zone 6A or colder?  I'm interested in
hands-on results here not researched info- I have all of that that I need.
I know that there are some very cold hardy varieties and where to order
them.  I'm also willing to continue my experiments with winter protected
plants.  Have any of you out there succeeded where anticipation has been my
only harvest?      


I'm in zone 6A

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