[NAFEX] Persimmons

mangodance bmn at iglou.com
Fri Dec 7 17:52:33 EST 2007

William C. Garthright wrote:

> Recently, there's been some talk on the list about persimmons - oriental 
> vs American, astringent vs non-astringent. I've never even seen a 
> persimmon, and I have no idea what they taste like. Anyone care to fill 
> me in? Are they good for fresh eating, right off the tree?
> I've seen in catalogs American persimmons that are supposed to be hardy 
> to zone 5, or even zone 4, but not the oriental persimmons, I believe. 
> And some say they're self-pollinating (I'm not sure I'd want to plant 
> two, since I'm running out of room). But I'm not sure if they'd put up 
> with our Nebraska climate. Or really be worth the space for my purposes.

I'm obviously partial to them...but flavors can vary depending on 
type...some sugary sweet with caramel notes, others with a slight 
spice...and others?...no description.  Jerry...care to comment on flavor?

I eat them fresh while harvest is good...and frozen as long as the pulp 
lasts.  I've eaten a few pounds at a sitting...as long as the supply is 
there!!!  You may not want to do that if you've ever had gastric surgery.

BTW, plant a few...stagger the harvest through varieties...and you'll 
need a male.


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