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Wed Dec 5 20:42:27 EST 2007

Hi all,
Do any of you make your own apple cider vinegar?
I am making some by default and could use the benefit of your experience.
I bought 1/2 gal of some locally made apple cider (non-alcoholic) a couple
of weeks before Thanksgiving.  It had been minimally processed, and when I
remembered about it a week ago, the plastic jug was bulging, and lo and
behold, it was fermenting in the frig.  Smelled yeasty, sort of like beer.
I let the gasses escape, put the lid loosely on, and put it back in the frig
until I could figure out how to make vinegar of it.  This morning after I'd
downloaded vinegar-making instructions, I took it back out of the frig, and
it now smells much more like wine....the yeasty odor is gone.

I didn't measure sugar content at the beginning, have no wine-making
equipment handy, stored it in the frig, not at the recommended temperatures,
didn't add yeast, etc., etc.---can I still make vinegar of it?  It was great
apple cider, I hate to just throw it out.
Is the process fairly forgiving of less-than-ideal conditions?  Any
suggestions?  I have canning equipment, etc., if needed.

SW Ohio

What's wrong with just drinking the "hard" cider?? In my mouth it tastes almost a good as Cliquot champagne.

?Gordon Hale
Grand Prairie, Texas

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