[NAFEX] Cider Question

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Aug 24 10:45:24 EDT 2007

At 09:20 AM 8/24/2007, you wrote:
>     Someone mentioned using hydrogen peroxide as a wash for washing apples
>prior to squeezing them for cider.  So my question is:  Where can anyone buy
>hydrogen peroxide in bulk?  Buying it in small bottles at the drug store can
>be pretty spendy,

My question would be: WHY would you want to wash apples with H2O2?

I truly think that many of the folks who advocate using it for 
purposes such as this don't have any idea of what it is, how it 
works, or what it does - I'm guessing they're thinking, "Well, if you 
can use it to 'disinfect' a wound, it must be good for 
sanitizing/disinfecting a multitude of things(including apples, 
livestock water tanks, etc.)  - but 'it ain't necessarily so'.

The 'beauty', if you will, of using H2O2 to 'disinfect' a wound is 
that catalase enzymes in red blood cells and animal tissue cells - as 
well as some bacteria - will react with H2O2 to release oxygen, which 
is toxic to anaerobic bacteria such as the Clostridium species, which 
cause tetanus, gangrene, etc.
Beyond that, I'm not convinced of any of the other magical claims 
some folks put forward for it as a miracle supplement, etc. - but it 
does work pretty effectively to make dogs vomit, if you make 'em 
swallow a couple of ounces of it; it always amazed my clients who'd 
either rushed their dogs in to the clinic, or called, frantic on the 
phone, after they saw the dog eat something dangerous/toxic, like 
rat/mouse poison - squirt some H2O2 down 'em and get out of the way!!!!
I have some serious doubts about H2O2 having any significant or 
cost-effective benefit when used as a 'wash' for apples prior to 
pressing.  If you've got so much surface contamination that it's a 
concern for you, I'd much rather see you use some nice clean water.



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