[NAFEX] wasps and yellow jackets

hans brinkmann hans-brinkmann at t-online.de
Sun Aug 19 20:51:14 EDT 2007

Hallo Tanis,
exactly my experience at Germany too!
Probably no one will believe it, but it is also scientifically proved - 
Hornets are even more tame(I mean not aggressive) than other wesps.
Even right in front her nest they never bite you, if you move not 
Bumble bees I was catching with my hands many, many  times - as I was a 
child - till one big and very nice one bite me inside my carefully 
closed hand.
Anyhow there are also reasons to remove some wasp nests... small 
children, allergy, pets and so on. Beekeepers used at Germany e.g 
laughing gas tablets to kill sick bee colonies.
At night it is sometimes very easy to catch a free hanging nest right 
into a plastic bag... and a friendly beekeeper is also able to replace 
the complete nest somewhere else. In any case, after replacing (more 
than 1 km away!) the whole nest at night,  I was running quite quickly...
I will not hide the fact, I kept my own bees many years ago...and I 
never ever used gloves to have more feeling and to be more careful and cool.
Some beekeepers use gloves only because of the very sticky propolis on 
their fingers.
Professional beekeepers do not love wesps and hornets because they like 
to feed their larvaes(babies) with bees and other insects...
But this makes them also very useful for fruit growers to control pests 
(before plums are ripe...).


tanis cuff schrieb:

>When I have to destroy nests or weed in these nests areas', I always do so 
>at first light of a chilly AM.  I also collect wind-fall fruit in early AM.
>I avoid having to mess w/ the nests-- just avoid them if you can, and 
>possibly even put some flagging tape around the area to warn others.
>Here (s.WI) this summer the honeybees and small yellow-jackets and the 
>larger mostly black wasps are all very cranky, and I've discovered that when 
>I wear mosquito repellant (specificly 'Deep Woods Off') they are less likely 
>to buzz me.  The longer/larger slower-moving yellow jackets are as tame as 
>ever, also the various bumblebees.
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>From: Doug W
>Subject: Re: [NAFEX] wasps and yellow jackets
>Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 17:08:59 -0400
>Is it in the ground or is it a "paper" structure hanging from a support?
>Whatever you do is best done at dusk or at night when all the insects
>have come home and are in the nest...
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