[NAFEX] wasps and yellow jackets

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Sun Aug 19 20:51:08 EDT 2007

Do you know a local bee-keeper who's gear you might be able to borrow?  
Especially the hat & head-net, but also the long gloves & the cover-alls?

I got ONE little sting from those small ground-nest type, and yes I whined 
too.  It ached for a couple days; didn't swell much but later it itched.

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From: "Jenny Ruth Yasi" <
Subject: Re: [NAFEX] wasps and yellow jackets
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 20:43:32 -0400

Thanks everyone! It was an excavator came in to pull out some stumps from
our April windfall, and somehow this absolutely enormous -- like the size of
a 19 inch yoga ball-- paper wasp nest was built into the roots of a tree.
I've never heard this particular contractor scream "run!" before!!  The
vacuum idea DOES sound like it would enliven an evening! But probably I'll
smother it with water and dump some manure and fresh grass clippings on
there and see if I can cook and or smother it.


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