[NAFEX] Report on Footsies, More Comments

sherwindu sherwindu at comcast.net
Sun Aug 19 20:32:56 EDT 2007

I have not figured out how to reply to forum messages, since I have opted to not

have them automatically delivered to my machine.  So, this is not a new topic,
a comment on the previous posting about footsies.

I tried using footsies this year for the first time.  I feel they offer limited
protection for
fruit (I used them mainly on apples).  The codling moths and apple maggots went
right through the nylon and entered the apples.  I had much better protection
zip lock sandwich bags.  Much fewer of these insects were able to penetrate the
plastic covers, although a few sneaked in  at the stem, where there was not a
closure.  I now believe that I cannot depend entirely on anyh of these covers to

shield the apples, so I will have to do some limited spraying, even after the
fruit is

I believe in leaving fruit on the tree as long as possible, especially apples
and peaches.
Much of the sugars enter the fruit at the end of their growth cycle.  They will
sweeten in your house, only become less acidic with the ripening.  There is a
that this can be overdone, and some fruit will spoil on the tree.  I find this
to be continuously variable with the weather conditions.  I am leaving my
Pride apples on the tree until they fall and I think they are getting the
flavor.  With peaches, I wait until they are soft to the touch.  Picking them
results in a 'supermarket' peach.

The zip lock bags give better protection than footsies to fallen fruit.  They
are less
likely to be eaten by squirrels and rabbits.  Overall, I think I will stick with
zip lock
bags, in the future.

                                Sherwin Dubren

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