[NAFEX] Saint Lawrence Nursery

S & E Hills ehills7408 at wowway.com
Fri Aug 17 01:04:54 EDT 2007

I'll definitely post feedback upon completion of the issue.  I've posted
feedback on every mail order nursery I've ordered from in the past and SLN
will be no exception.  

Good point about reading the comments before placing an order.  

S. Hills

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I've had uniformly good experience with St. Lawrence, and I've  
ordered a bunch of stuff from them over several years.  But I think  
you should leave feedback, possibly "neutral" or even "good" rather  
than "bad", and explain your frustration and the resolution.  (You  
might wait and make sure the replacement shows up, or you could just  
assume it will and change your rating if it doesn't.)  It would be  
helpful to other users to know that they ought to call rather than e- 
mail if there are any problems.

People really ought to read the comments and not just go on the  
numeric ratings.  There are places that, judging from the comments,  
send dead plants but are terrific for seeds, places that sell good  
bulbs but mediocre potted plants, places that sell good peonies but  
mediocre hostas, etc.


On Aug 8, 2007, at 10:54 PM, S & E Hills wrote:

> This afternoon I called Bill at St. Lawrence and he seemed like a  
> pretty
> good guy.   He said it was possible that it could send up a sucker,  
> but we
> agreed that a replacement would likely be necessary in the fall.
> Scott Hills

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