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william Eggers wce1482 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 22:10:34 EDT 2007

I planted some hazelnuts in my orchard and if you keep the sucker cut off, it will be a small tree.  This year would have been the first year that they bloomed and the April freeze got the blossoms, but the trees are doing well.  You live in about the same zone (5a) as I do, so they should work for you.  I don't think they grow very tall.
  Bill Eggers, Winterset, Iowa

"William C. Garthright" <billg at inebraska.com> wrote:
> Bill, Seeing as you are likely someday to have way too much fruit anyway, how about some nuts to eat with the fruit? You could fit some hazels in those spots instead of sweet cherries. Seeing as hazels are bushes,

That's interesting. I never thought about nuts, and I didn't realize 
that hazelnuts were bushes. I figured nut trees would be too big and not 
productive enough to bother with.

Hmm,... I'll have to think about it, but cherries still sound more 
appealing, I think. Still, if I can plant a self-pollinating sweet 
cherry, I might hold off on planting another. There's really no reason I 
absolutely HAVE to fill up every square inch of my yard right away, is 
there? :-D


Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

All are inclined to believe what they covet, from a lottery-ticket up to 
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