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Dennis, I also sent for these books and several others; you are 
right; they certainly are helpful!  Thanks so much for all your 
advice.  When do you find the time, and with a business, too.   AK

At 10:17 AM 8/8/2007, you wrote:
>New scouting resources for orchards available on MSU IPM web site.
>The MSU IPM Program has developed two web resources featuring photos 
>and descriptions from the popular pocket-sized scouting guides for 
>apples and stone fruit. The information was developed by Dave 
>Epstein, Larry Gut, George Sundin, Alan Jones and KimberlyMaxson-Stein.
>On the Internet
>    * Scouting for pests in apples: 
> <http://ipm.msu.edu/apples.htm>http://ipm.msu.edu/apples.htm
>    * Scouting for pests in stone fruit: 
> <http://ipm.msu.edu/stonefruit.htm>http://ipm.msu.edu/stonefruit.htm
>Print publications - great for viewing in the orchard
>Call the <http://www.emdc.msue.msu.edu/>MSU Extension Bulletin 
>office (517-353-6740) or your local Extension office to order 
>copies. These pocket-sized guides have color photos, pest ID and 
>damage descriptions and are made of water resistant paper:
>    * A Pocket Guide for IPM Scouting in Michigan Apples. Price $14. 
> Bulletin E-2720. (Spanish E-2720SP).
>    * A Pocket Guide for IPM Scouting in Stone Fruits. Price $12. 
> Bulletin E-2840 (Spanish E-2840SP).
>Upgrade your scouting skills with dvd training
>A Practical Guide to Scouting Apple Orchards is a DVD that 
>compliments the scouting guide. It is designed to give apple growers 
>and consultants easy access to information that helps de-mystify the 
>pest management decision-making process. The 90-minute DVD contains 
>21 modules covering topics from choosing a weather monitoring system 
>to discussions on degree-day models and monitoring primary disease 
>and insect pests. The DVD is designed for those who want to learn 
>about specific topics at any point during the growing season by 
>simply choosing the desired tracks from the DVD menu. Call the 
><http://www.emdc.msue.msu.edu/>MSU Extension Bulletin office 
>(517-353-6740) and request DVD273 (price $29.95).
>I use all three of these resources and the Scouting Guides are a 
>must even if you have only a few trees.  Hope this info is useful.
>Dennis Norton
>Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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