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New scouting resources for orchards available on MSU IPM web site.

The MSU IPM Program has developed two web resources featuring photos and descriptions from the popular pocket-sized scouting guides for apples and stone fruit. The information was developed by Dave Epstein, Larry Gut, George Sundin, Alan Jones and KimberlyMaxson-Stein. 

On the Internet 
  a.. Scouting for pests in apples: http://ipm.msu.edu/apples.htm 

  b.. Scouting for pests in stone fruit: http://ipm.msu.edu/stonefruit.htm 
Print publications - great for viewing in the orchard
Call the MSU Extension Bulletin office (517-353-6740) or your local Extension office to order copies. These pocket-sized guides have color photos, pest ID and damage descriptions and are made of water resistant paper:

  a.. A Pocket Guide for IPM Scouting in Michigan Apples. Price $14. Bulletin E-2720. (Spanish E-2720SP).

  b.. A Pocket Guide for IPM Scouting in Stone Fruits. Price $12. Bulletin E-2840 (Spanish E-2840SP). 
Upgrade your scouting skills with dvd training
A Practical Guide to Scouting Apple Orchards is a DVD that compliments the scouting guide. It is designed to give apple growers and consultants easy access to information that helps de-mystify the pest management decision-making process. The 90-minute DVD contains 21 modules covering topics from choosing a weather monitoring system to discussions on degree-day models and monitoring primary disease and insect pests. The DVD is designed for those who want to learn about specific topics at any point during the growing season by simply choosing the desired tracks from the DVD menu. Call the MSU Extension Bulletin office (517-353-6740) and request DVD273 (price $29.95). 

I use all three of these resources and the Scouting Guides are a must even if you have only a few trees.  Hope this info is useful. 

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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