[NAFEX] deer fence and Illini Blackberries

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Sun Apr 29 22:34:50 EDT 2007

I tried the monofilament fishing line trick.........................  Zone 4 Maine
Orchard in Maine, I live in MA.

Only one monofilament side was busted down, and only a few piles of deer turds on the ground.
None of the baby trees were chewed on.

The larger orchard has a fence; Galvanized wire mesh, 78" tall. 360' x 270'
Gaucho Game Fence from Baekert; model 1478-6-12. Also from L. Page in MA 
3 years in a row, no deer. Yes, they are capable of jumping it, but haven't bothered.
You could run another wire over the top and make it an 8' pretty easy. 
This stuff is a almost dollar a running foot, and it needs a 10 foot 4x4 PT every 15' to hold it up.
It also weighs almost a pound per linear foot, so forget that Ford Escort Wagon.

The Illini Hardy appear to be toast.
The Buds are all brown inside.
This trial is almost over.
I H Blackberries may not make the cut.

Richard Murphy
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