[NAFEX] Fedco tree sale

Jenny Ruth Yasi voices at maine.rr.com
Sun Apr 29 15:03:49 EDT 2007

I don't know if any Fedco folks are on this list, but we went up and 
gathered our purchase, brought them home, opened our package and wow, we are 
so impressed with the beautiful grape vines and kiwis and fruit and fir 
trees!  So healthy and vigorous and beautiful! And at bargain prices! We're 
really happy with our purchases! The Fedco tree sale is open to the general 
public again in early May. http://www.fedcoseeds.com/trees/treesale.htm

We also picked up seed potatoes and onion and shallots sets while were 
there. We were so pleased with the varieties and quality.Great job to all 
involved, most especially the growers. I've never seen such beautiful 
grapevine and kiwis.


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