[NAFEX] gluten

Lucky.PIttman at murraystate.edu Lucky.PIttman at murraystate.edu
Sun Apr 29 11:21:20 EDT 2007


The 'powers that be' are grasping at straws.  
First, they jumped on aminopterin - which was a non-issue at the levels they found.
And, the same is true for melamine - it's essentially non-toxic at the low parts-per-million levels that were 
detected in some pet food samples.
LD50 for melamine in mice/rats is on the order of 1-2gm/kg body weight.

It's highly likely that no one will ever ascertain WHAT was in these recalled pet foods that caused the small 
numbers of pet deaths.  There was a very similar incident several years back in the far east, and the folks who 
investigated that situation were never able to figure out what caused the illness/deaths in affected cats/dogs.


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