[NAFEX] was nettles, now poison ivy & oral tolerance

vrana nokal at seznam.cz
Fri Apr 27 15:12:43 EDT 2007

very known antidot to various alergy is  weed : Bidens tripartitus,but it
makes a litle sleepy,similar like antialergy pils.

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> At 10:47 AM 4/27/2007, Doc L. wrote:
> >I have also heard that the Native Americans fed their children
> >poison ivy leaves to develop an immunity tolerance to it. (sic!)
> It's true.
> Now, whether or not they knowingly/intentionally did this or whether
> it was just part of their culture, is another matter.
> In the book, "It Will Live Forever", a tome on traditional Yosemite
> acorn preparation, Julia Parker indicated that the Paiute/Yosemite
> women often wrapped balls of acorn meal in poison ivy/oak
> leaves.  This would certainly have resulted in exposure to urushiol
> via an oral route, which could - and probably did - provide them with
> 'oral tolerance' , an immunologic phenomenon in which if one is
> exposed to a potential allergen via an oral route - at an early age -
> one's immune system is less likely to respond adversely/excessively,
> as may be the case when exposed via a transcutaneous route.
> It's almost as if the oral exposure causes the immune system to look
> at that allergen/antigen as 'normal', and possibly even as 'self'.
> Lucky
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