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Doc, The best remedy for poison ivy by far is aloe vera. If you can rub it
on the skin at the red itchy stage before it breaks into blister, it simply
stops the reaction and the skin does not blister.  It's really very good.

I have someone close who is terribly allergic and we have experimented it
many times. It takes much longer to heal if the skin is allowed  to reach
blister and scab stages, but in that case aloe vera still helps relieve
itchiness and is said to accelerate the process of healing. But, it stops
the reaction entirely, when applied early enough, and that's when you get
the best benefit from using it. As soon as you have a itchiness, don't
hesitate apply aloe vera, it's good for the skin anyway. It's also good to
relieve itchiness from black flies, mosquitoes, even helps with bee stings.

You can get poison ivy indirectly from clothes or anything else that has
been exposed, hence the belief in the old days that once caught, poison ivy
would reoccur for seven years...! I guess some people didn't wash their
outdoors clothes too often...!

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> We call "Jewelweed", "Wild Columbine" down here. The delicate flowers are
> light orange color.  It is common along streams and branches, especially
> those which transverse cultivated fields. Some folks eat it as a green in
> salads.  It is supposed to be a Native American remedy for poison ivy
> contact dermatitis and at one time it was an ingredient of a patent
> medicine.  I have also heard that the Native Americans fed their children
> poison ivy leaves to develop an immunity tolerance to it. (sic!)
> The leaves shine when placed under water due to surface tension effect
> "Jewelweed".  I felt slighted as a boy because I never developed
> to poison ivy and couldn't try this remedy. I have recommended gently
> sandpapering the early vesicles and washing with lye soap before cortisone
> ointment came along. Calamine lotion looks like it helps and many people
> believe it works. It takes two weeks to heal with calamine lotion,
> days without it.  May keep you from scratching the urticarial lesions and
> spreading the urushiol containing oil.
> Doc Lisenby
> SoCar.
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