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"A UCSF researcher who found the SARS virus in 2003 and later won a  
MacArthur Foundation "genius grant" for his work thinks he has  
discovered a culprit in the alarming deaths of honeybees across the  
United States.
Tests of genetic material taken from a "collapsed colony" in Merced  
County point to a once-rare microbe that previously affected only  
Asian bees but might have evolved into a strain lethal to those in  
Europe and the United States, biochemist Joe DeRisi said Wednesday.
DeRisi said tests conducted on material from dead bees at his Mission  
Bay lab found genes of the single-celled, spore-producing parasite  
Nosema ceranae, which researchers in Spain have recently shown is  
capable of wiping out a beehive.
"It is wise to strike a conservative note, because this is early  
data, but it is interesting,'' he said."
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