[NAFEX] [off topic] Nettles

Kurt Sonen kurts2 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 03:08:22 EDT 2007

Stinging nettles have a very easy cure. Just rub crushed jewelweed stem on
the area and the pain is gone. A **very** handy thing to know and thankfully
jewelweed normally grows near nettle. :)


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> Donna - I am trying to learn biodynamics and also have 
> planted a lovely bed of nettles (one of the ingredients for 
> Rudolf Steiners preps) and have heard over and over how 
> wonderful they are for tea and cooking, etc. Would you mind 
> sharing what you use them for? They really make a handsome 
> patch, though every errant brush-up with them turns into a 
> half-day memorandum for me.  dylan

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