[NAFEX] apricot flowering/honey bees

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Wed Apr 25 16:52:51 EDT 2007

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On Wed, 25 Apr 2007 13:47:52 -0500 "William C. Garthright" 
<billg at inebraska.com> wrote:
>> What a difference a day or two of warm weather makes.  Friday nothing 
had bloomed,. . .  
>It's funny that you're in a warmer zone (zone 6, while I'm in zone 5a), 
>but my plants went through that stage a good month ago. My apricot was 
>in full bloom March 26th, the forsythia March 25th, . . .
>Well, I guess some of this might be do to local weather variations, 
>since we had a very warm March. Perhaps you were colder than normal?. . .
>It just struck me as funny when I read your post. It probably didn't 
>seem odd to anyone else, but it sure did to me.
>Lincoln, NE (zone 5a)

Weather is very local.  We had some abnormally warm weather in early 
winter, and again in early spring, but it never got _quite_ warm enough for 
the plants to break dormancy until last weekend.  Also, we are 
semi-coastal.  Our winters are milder than yours (thus the higher climate 
zone) but so are our summers.  90F is a heat wave, and we don't expect much 
of that sort of heat in any one summer.


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