[NAFEX] Building a fence against deers

John Smith friendly27sw at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 25 15:13:13 EDT 2007

Something else I forgot to mention that has worked
well for me - here in MO where the deer are so thick I
had one up my my deck right outside the door to my
house - eating my potted impatiens last Friday night -
is for plants you don't plan on eating outside the
electric fence - fill a small sprayer with water, add
a couple eggs, shake once a day for a few days, keep
at room temperature, spray over plants.  The rotten
eggs will smell only until dry, but then give you a
couple weeks of protection.

--- Jerrydana5 at aol.com wrote:

> I have tried everything against deer-dog, human
> urine, Irish Spring soap,  
> human hair from barber shop, 8 ft high mesh deer
> fence (they jumped  
> it!)--everything.  Only thing that worked is an
> electric fence baited with  peanut 
> butter.  It does not have to be high--the key is
> getting them to  lick it  when it 
> is on, and they will not be back.  And it is not 
> expensive-it does not have to 
> be strong, just hold up  the wires about 4 ft  high.
>  It's the only thing 
> that has worked for me.  Farm Bureau has a  number
> of chargers--a small one for 
> about $40 plus wire (about $18.00)   plus insulators
> should do it. You need to 
> have signs to warn any kids (you can  buy them) that
> the fence is electric.  
> That's just courtesy, and some  places is code. 
> Hopefully the deer cannot 
> read.  Jerry in southern  Indiana
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