[NAFEX] Building a fence against deers

Jerrydana5 at aol.com Jerrydana5 at aol.com
Wed Apr 25 15:05:32 EDT 2007

I have tried everything against deer-dog, human urine, Irish Spring soap,  
human hair from barber shop, 8 ft high mesh deer fence (they jumped  
it!)--everything.  Only thing that worked is an electric fence baited with  peanut 
butter.  It does not have to be high--the key is getting them to  lick it  when it 
is on, and they will not be back.  And it is not  expensive-it does not have to 
be strong, just hold up  the wires about 4 ft  high.  It's the only thing 
that has worked for me.  Farm Bureau has a  number of chargers--a small one for 
about $40 plus wire (about $18.00)   plus insulators should do it. You need to 
have signs to warn any kids (you can  buy them) that the fence is electric.  
That's just courtesy, and some  places is code.  Hopefully the deer cannot 
read.  Jerry in southern  Indiana

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