[NAFEX] Building a fence against deers

John Smith friendly27sw at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 25 15:03:54 EDT 2007

I have been less than thrilled with some of these
plastic mesh fences.  First of all, other wildlife had
a tendency to get tangled up and thrash around until
they died (snakes, birds etc)  Secondly, eventually
the deer would batter it down.  A 6 foot high 4-strand
electric fence baited with tinfoil and peanut butter
for training has worked great in the year it's been up
around my backyard orchard and garden.
--- dmnorton at royaloakfarmorchard.com wrote:

> Bass,
> Your fence will need to be at least 8' high.  Ours
> is a standard 4' wire fence with 4 electrical wires
> 1' apart above that.  if the electric fence is not
> on, the deer will still get through between the 1'
> wires above 4' wire.  We have actually seen one buck
> hold the wires with his antlers while the other hop
> through over the 4' fence.  
> US Fence has a deer fence that can be found at
> in 7.5' and 10' heights.  another type of fence is
> found at
>  Hope this helps!
> Dennis Norton
> Royal Oak Farm Orchard
> http://www.royaloakfarmorchard.com
> http://www.theorchardkeeper.blogspot.com
> http://www.revivalhymn.com
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>   My in-laws property is always invaded by deers.
> Unfortunately all their vegetable crops are eaten by
> the deers daily. So we tried putting a temporarily
> fence, we used the flurencent plastic fence that's
> commonly used in construction. The deers have pushed
> it down and walked right into the plantings. So this
> year we need to build a sturdy fence that can keep
> the deers and other creatures away. 
>   My question is how high does the fence have to be
> so the deers want jumb above it?
>   We need the lowest cost possible, since the
> fencing area is 50'x50' square.
>   Bass Samaan
>   zone 6, Bethlehem, pa
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