[NAFEX] Deer Fence

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Wed Apr 25 14:13:31 EDT 2007

Many get away with 6ft, but often 8 is reqd.
With 6, you can add 2 ft of a less sturdy matl later to deter them 
like scraps opf your orange plastic fence.

The type of deer matters. I can't guess where you are.
Even smells work for a time. A dog smel will help, if sometimes
they see one. There is a dog-radio fence to keep a dog
within an area... too close to the fence, the dog collar shocks.
This means a single surrounding wire.

I am made to understand that strong smelling deodorant soaps
and scare crows, if moved, can work temporarily, buying
you a few-several days to begin work.

>My in-laws property is always invaded by deers. Unfortunately all their
vegetable crops are eaten by the deers daily. So we tried putting a
temporarily fence, we used the flurencent plastic fence that's commonly
used in construction. The deers have pushed it down and walked right 
the plantings. So this year we need to build a sturdy fence that can 
the deers and other creatures away. My question is how high does the
fence have to be so the deers want jumb above it?We need the lowest cost
possible, since the fencing area is 50'x50' square. Bass Samaanzone 6,
Bethlehem, pa
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