[NAFEX] Disease resistant apples for Minnesota-Keepsake

Terry Bradshaw terryb at lostmeadowvt.com
Wed Apr 25 12:22:49 EDT 2007

I'd be surprised if Keepsake remained disease (scab) free in such a wet 
area without fungicides, especially if you have any nearby apples 
blowing spores around.  It might get less than some cultivars 
(McIntosh), but without specifis scab resistance genes I'd expect it 
would succimb at some point.  That said, it may get little enough of it 
to meet non-commercial standards.


>What about Keepsake?  It's listed as intermediate scab resistance.  I'm
>thinking at some point I'd like to try growing it.  Is it realistic to think
>it can be grown without fungicide in an area that gets about 40 inches of

Terence Bradshaw
Calais, VT 
1450 feet, zone 4


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