[NAFEX] Freeze damage follow-up

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Wed Apr 25 11:55:02 EDT 2007

Mark is right, prune them now.  Especially stone fruits.  Any dead or 
damaged branch can be a host for disease, especially after a weather 
incident like a freeze or hail storm.  It has pretty much been a standard 
orchard practice to do a strep (streptomycin) spray after hail damage due to 
injuries to the trees created by the hail.  By the way, we have blossoms on 
our peach trees now and our apple trees are at pink.  I have some peach 
trees that are so loaded with blossoms I am going to have to heavily thin 
them.  After the temps of 75 Saturday and 77 on Sunday, the peach trees came 
to life.  I do have some winter injury and some dead branches, but most 
would have been pruned out anyway.  The trees we had already pruned have 
really come back to life.  Sometimes stress can be a good thing!

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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> My two cents would be to prune them now.  Scratch the bark to make sure 
> it's
> dead.  I did that on the persimmon and paw paw.  The paw paws turned out 
> to
> be alive, the persimmon (at least toward the end of the whips) are dead.
> I would also prune back to the bud you wanted.  The trees shouldn't have
> much trouble replacing the few inches of growth lost to pruning, 
> especially
> if their pruned before they put their energy into re-foliating.
> Mark
> Kansas
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>> >
>> All of my fruit trees had 100%, or nearly so, foliage damage (they're
>> all pretty young), but my Japanese plums have come out of it the best
>> here, too. Of course, they hadn't sprouted out as much as the others,
>> either. My Asian pears still look the worst, but one of them is
>> sprouting out again.
>> You mentioned twig dieback. One problem I've noticed is that almost all
>> of the end buds (next to my pruning cuts) seem to be dead. At least,
>> there are very few trees where these have started sprouting new leaves,
>> even when the rest of the branch is greening up again. One branch on a
>> young peach tree even split lengthwise at the tip. Maybe the sap froze
>> and split it?
>> Should I re-prune these trees now, to cut off the dead stub? Or wait and
>> prune it off later, if it really is dead, either later this season or
>> with my normal dormant pruning next year? I'm still learning how to
>> prune. Though I've read a lot about it, I need experience. But if the
>> end buds on my pruned branches are dead, the next one is going to be on
>> the opposite side of the branch - exactly the opposite of where I'd
>> planned. So perhaps I should prune back even further, to a better
>> choice? Although, considering how bad my trees look, I suppose I
>> shouldn't stress them any further right now.
>> Advice, anyone?
>> Bill
>> Lincoln, NE (zone 5a)
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