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Jujube recipesThe recipe for candied jujubes is not a very good one. They suggest using dried jujubes to start and then pricking them with a fork. Have you ever tried to prick wrinkled dried jujubes, it does not work very well. Most people that candy jujubes in this country use fresh jujubes to start with then remove the seed before candying them. They make a much better finished product that way. And the syrup that is left over from the candying process can be stored and used as pancake or waffle syrup, it has a great taste. If you go to our website www.oakcreekorchard.com and click on jujube pictures on the left of the home page then go to the last picture you will see a picture of jujubes in the process of being candied.

In the cake recipe they leave out a step. You first need to simmer the dried jujubes long enough to soften them and then remove the seed before mincing them.

There a lot of good jujube recipes. Have you tried jujube pickles, that's one of the favorites for some people? How about jujube butter?

I wrote a book on jujubes called JUJUBE - Plant and Fruit available from www.3mpub.com/ashton . There are quite a few recipes in the book, most of them we have tried before they went in the book to be sure they would work. Of course the book includes various aspects of the jujube, with a lot of color pictures.

If any of you want the jujube sweet pickle recipe or perhaps the baked jujube crisp, just send me an e-mail and I will send you one or both of the recipes.

Richard Ashton
Oak Creek Orchard
bwoodtx at verizon.net

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  Here is a story that has 2 recipes for using jujube: 

  Recipe Box      Grit Magazine - USA
  And if you have jujube trees, the fruit makes a wonderful snack and adds to special treats straight from your kitchen. Enjoy the warm weather, . (http://www.grit.com/recipe-box/2007-05-01/)


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