[NAFEX] apricot flowering/honey bees

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Tue Apr 24 17:48:28 EDT 2007

On Apr 24, 2007, at 5:21 PM, Karen Kellogg wrote:

> My zone 5 (NW Conn) largest apricot burst into bloom today, a week or
> so later than usual. . .

My only apricot, Puget Gold, burst into bloom yesterday.  (E Mass.,  
zone 6)  The buds had all swollen before the sharp freeze, and I was  
afraid I had lost them, but the ovaries look green and sticky, and it  
looks like there's pollen, so I'm optimistic.  I haven't noticed any  
pollinators, but I often don't.  One bumblebee at mid-day when I'm at  
work is enough to do the job.  Nonetheless, I plan to spend a couple  
of minutes with a cue-tip, just in case.

What a difference a day or two of warm weather makes.  Friday nothing  
had bloomed, by Sunday the apricot was about to bloom, the early  
daffodils had opened, the forsythia were getting going, and the  
peonies had grown about 6 inches (since Friday.)  The apples are at  
green tip, the currents are showing green, sap is dripping from the  
grapevine, and it looks like spring.


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