[NAFEX] apricot flowering/honey bees

Karen Kellogg garuda2 at comcast.net
Tue Apr 24 17:21:38 EDT 2007

My zone 5 (NW Conn) largest apricot burst into bloom today, a week or  
so later than usual.  It's either sungold or moongold; I planted them  
alphabetically but can't recall where I began.  The tree was humming  
with pollinators--some small waspy things, one carpenter bee, and a  
hundred, maybe many more , honeybees.  I don't know how to tell one  
honeybee from another ; I know I have digger bees (miner bees?) on my  
piece of land, but don't know of hives within a mile or so.

Usually the apricot blooms before it is warm enough for most  
honeybees; the wasps and carpenter bees usually do enough.   It would  
help if the second apricot bloomed at the same time, but it lags, in  
time and in growth.  It was a joy to stand amidst the blossoms and  


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