[NAFEX] northwest greening apple

sjkeipert at highstream.net sjkeipert at highstream.net
Tue Apr 24 08:12:11 EDT 2007

Tanis- I have a NW Greening apple on standard rootstock growing in northern zone
4 in St Croix county Wisconsin. It is about 10 years old and has been a
consistant producer for me. The tree is well shaped and the apples are well
spaced and never need thinning. It is a vigorous variety and grows very large
on standard rootstock! If your climate allows, I would grow it on a semi-dwarf
root. Last year I harvested maybe 10 grocery bags of apples. I do give the tree
the same sprays as the rest of the orchard, but I would rate its disease
resistance as above average. If you are looking for a tree that requires
minimal spraying, I would give this one a try. The apple are very large, and
though not my favorite for eating, are excellent for pies. I harvest them in
mid October when they begin to turn slightly yellow. The apples keep through
mid winter. - Steve Keipert

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