[NAFEX] [off topic] Foraging

Dylan Ford dford at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Tue Apr 24 07:43:58 EDT 2007

From: "Gregory T Strella"
Subject: [NAFEX] [off topic] Foraging

Hello all,
I'm looking for opportunities within a couple of hours of Baltimore, MD or
south-central PA to learn more about foraging for wild edibles.

 Greg -

There is a fellow in NYC called "Wildman" Steve Brill who has been
demonstrating this for years. After arresting him several times for eating
Central Park, the authorities hired him to teach foraging skills.


He mostly operates around the NY Metropolitan area and Conn., but looking at
his Calendar of events I see two upcoming demos in NJ. Or maybe you could
get a local group to hire him to come there for a day.  dylan

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