[NAFEX] Weather Stations

Dag Klaveness dag.klaveness at bio.uio.no
Tue Apr 24 03:51:34 EDT 2007

For environmental monitoring, I may recommend components from Onset 
Computer Corp. in US:  http://www.onsetcomp.com/
You need a PC, their simple program, and components as you wish: 
temperature (soil, water, air), humidity, wind .... build it up as you 
wish. I use their components professionally, under extreme conditions - 
very reliable. Component prices (here in Norway, where high profits are 
added) a few 10's of US$ (temperature loggers) and upwards. If you need 
long-range tranmitting (large garden?), you may buy components with a 
SolarStream or DeepArctic automatic satellite transmitter, roughly US$ 
5-6000.- for a very nice weather station....
Dag Klaveness

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