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oowonbs at netscape.net oowonbs at netscape.net
Mon Apr 23 23:45:05 EDT 2007

I have an interest in Weather Stations.
On a 50x100, I have no desire (abiity) to spend thousands, but
have seen some by Davis, and by AWS/Weatherbug, that are less
than a thousand.  I'd be interested in the brands and
"more than temp/rain measuring" abilities at you use.
Of great interest wouldbe computewr recording of data,
or ability to purchase "components" as I can and add them as uprades.

BillSF9c (amateur)

> My weather station
>monitors the daily temps every 10 minutes, establishes the daily low 
>and daily high temp from the date of biofix forward, calculates the DD
>(Degree Days), then uses the 50 degree DD base model to time sprays 
the 1st and 2nd generations.

>My codling moth program for this season is:
 - - - snip - - -
>100 DD..............................Place traps in orchard
>Dennis Norton
>Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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