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Gregory T Strella gstrella at mica.edu
Mon Apr 23 23:20:48 EDT 2007

Hello all,


I'm looking for opportunities within a couple of hours of Baltimore, MD or
south-central PA to learn more about foraging for wild edibles.  I'm based in
Baltimore where I'm caught up in some community gardening and other
fresh/local food related work.  I've found some of workshops in Virginia, but
the chances of coming up with the money to attend them seem slim.  Peterson's
field guides and Euell Gibbons' anecdotes just aren't the same as having
someone more experienced than myself point to plants that I can touch, smell,
taste and confidently identify again.  I'll be up in York and Lancaster, PA
several times this summer managing a cover crop for a friend who is off
hiking the Continental Divide this season.  


I'm interested in leads on workshops and other organized opportunities.
Also, if anyone feels inclined to let me tag along with them on a walk/hike,
I'd be happy to do some grunt work for you or arrange some other kind of
exchange (beyond my thanks!)


Happy trails and bountiful harvests,


Greg Strella


gregory.strella at gmail.com

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