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tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 23 11:32:48 EDT 2007

I have seen black RASPberries growing in very similar situations, but w/ less soil

Dig into the inside base of the stump.  If shallow & confining, go w/ annuals for a
year; if deeper, why not try the berries.

--- Thomas Olenio <> wrote:

> Hello All,
> Quick question.  Should a large, hollow stump be treated like a in-ground
> planting, or an above ground pot?
> Taking down a old apple tree has left us a large hollow stump about 2' high,
> and an opening 18-20" in diameter.   There is about 2-3" of wood that
> creates the natural planter. It's center is full of compost and soil.  The
> tree was a Northern Spy which was over 100 years old.
> Would the soil volume and connection to earth be enough to protect a
> planting of blackberries in the old stump?  Or should annuals be put into
> it?  Zone 5A.  Wild blackberries survive in the same orchard.

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