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> Scott,
> I got pistachio seeds on Ebay 3 years ago.  Until recently I had 2 trees 
> growing in pots.  One bit the dust while I was away  but the other is thriving
> at about 3 feet tall.   Since I have brought them inside for winters I don't 
> know if they would survive outside here in SW TN.

Several years back Prof. Gustafson from the Univ. of Nebr. brought some 
pastachio seed from the northern range of China, legally. I have the only remaining 
specimen of that collection, to the best of my knowledge. It has survived 
here in Indiana for maybe 8 years, planted next to the South side of my house in 
a very well drained area, nearly desert conditions. It has never flowered so 
don't know the sexual expression. 

Might be good genetic material for a cold hardy breeding program. Will share 
bud wood and scion wood. 


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