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   I fore got to mention that this severity of damage is seen on English
walnuts of all types, Heartnuts, mulberries and early vegetating types of
Persimmon.  Jujubes have streaks running thru the wood and Asian pears have
blacked wood tip damage.   On a good note we have be declared an
agricultural disaster area and to apply go to your FSA Farm Service agency
and fill out the paper work to put in your claim.   The complete gravity of
the damage will not be known for 4 to 5 weeks but you only have 10 days to
apply for relief funds, Once you have applied you have up to 4 months to
provide pictures and evidence and other material to assist you in the
approval of your claim but I my self just found out about this yesterday.
It could mean the difference in several hundred to thousands of dollar if
you income is depended on you produce or in some way is a sustainable type
of agriculture for you and your house hold.                      




Nut and Fruit growers

     Go out to the orchard and try this find some of the branches that have
been burnt by the freeze and frost start at the tips and start cutting your
way back to the main limbs and you will see that the limbs are black,  The
cambium layer is dead and the most of the main trunks are also dead.
>From what I have found out today all wood is dead that is smaller than ½  to
1 inches in circumference.  With no way of possible growing back out.   The
bark is even black on the smaller wood. 



Thank you

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