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This post reminded me of an e-mail I'd received last year from a garden friend in Genoa which backs up what Lon has written:
  "I send to you image, not very good, (from internet) of Isabella grape (also called Uva fragola = strawberry grape).  It is also possible to make "wine" but in Italy, overall for protectionism matter, is not possible to sell.  For wine it is necessary to fermentate the pulp only , and for not many day (2-3) the peel.  This because the other parts: rachid etc... Are too much herbaceous."

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"Strawberry" is a generic term in much of Europe referring to the taste 
of labrusca grapes. Uva Fragola may be a specific hybrid, but in many 
places it's often the old American "Isabella". Concord is often 
described as having a strawberry flavor in parts of Europe.
-Lon Rombough

  On Apr 19, 2007, at 3:00 AM, Bassem Samaan wrote:

Now here's a grape that's popular in Italy as a dessert grape. In Italy 
it's known as "Uva Fragola" which translates to strawberry grape. 
According to an Italian freind that visits italy frequently told me 
that this grape taste more like a ripe strawberry.
A gardener in northern italy near Genova grows this grape. He mentioned 
that Strawberry grape is a hybrid between american and european grape. 
It's very vigorous and productive. Disease resistance as well, 
producing red color grapes. It's illegal to produce wine made from 
Strawberry Grape in Italy. I'm not sure why.
Here's a discription from a UK nursery source:
"STRAWBERRY GRAPE (also known as ?Fragole?). This is an unusual 
variety, because its flavour is strawberry-like. The fruit is mauve and 
is very prolific either in greenhouse or indeed quite successful 
outside. Is a strong grower and makes good fruity wine."
Does anyone grow this grape in the US?
zone 6, Bethlehem, pa

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