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The program was a Nova episode called "Magnetic Storm".  The poles reverse
every quarter million years or so on average, but not with regularity.  It's
been 700,000-800,000 since the last one.  Over the last century the field
has weakened, and, should it continue weakening at the same rate, it would
reach a switchable state sometime near 2550.  But this may not be a
continuous trend, but rather a wave in an irregular cycle.  Right now, the
field is as strong as it's been in 50,000 years; and although it has been
weaker in the last three-quarter-million-years, it's maintained its polar


~ Stephen



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At present, the earth's magnetic poles are in the process of reversing,
which is causing the magnetic fields to be irregular and to break up. There
was a very good program on public television not too long ago that explained
it, and how it's a regular event every few thousand years. 
-Lon Rombough
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On Apr 18, 2007, at 6:46 PM, Pete wrote:

I'm a ham radio operator....we're having a fit with the solar flux 
now...sunspots, different types of solar radiation cause all kinds of weird 
things to happen...affects the Earth's magnetic field also...wonder if it's 
messing up the pigeons and bees also???
Pete in MS..zone 8 

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