[NAFEX] Curcullio question

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Thu Apr 19 00:17:19 EDT 2007

    Guess what?  Two of my native plums still had some buds left and have 
made fruit.... probably just enough fruit to keep the curculios going, 
probably not enough for us and them both, and probably not enough that I can 
defend them with Neem or Surround.  To tell you the truth, these two trees 
are beginning to look like traitors to the Prunus family to me.  The 
hickories and oaks will be doing a good job of reducing the squirrel 
population by losing this years crop, but these two trees will give aid and 
comfort to the enemy while probably doing nothing to feed me or any other 
creatures.    Donna 

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