[NAFEX] Apple variety

Hélène Dessureault interverbis at videotron.ca
Wed Apr 18 15:37:08 EDT 2007

Sorry to hear about the frost problems that seems to have hit growers
further south. My trees are still dormant, but the weather highs and lows
are quite something else here too. In Fahrenheit, we had a few alternate
days ranging from 20 F to 70 F. That is tough on trees.
I do have a question....
Anyone can tell me about the apple variety called Howgates Wonder?
Information would be very appreciated.
Hélène, zone 3-4, north of Ottawa
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> I never suggested that this was evidence that cell phones kill bees, and
> frankly doubt that story myself.  I just piped in that my phone really
> ticked them off.
> TB
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> >Definition
> >
> >Anecdotal evidence:  Anecdotal evidence is unreliable evidence based on
> >personal experience that has not been empirically tested, and which is
> >used in an argument as if it had been scientifically or statistically
> >proven. The person using anecdotal evidence may or may not be aware of
> >fact that, by doing so, they are generalizing.
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> >I was once planting a research block in a grower orchard during bloom.
> >Went by the hives numerous times with no problems.  Then my phone rang
> >and I was swarmed and stung multiple times.  It wasn't the sound of the
> >ringing because the phone rang well away from the hive, but when I got
> >within 50 feet of it with a call going, they attacked.
> >
> >Food for thought.
> >
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