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Wed Apr 18 09:30:12 EDT 2007

On Apr 17, 2007, at 11:42 PM, Dylan Ford wrote:

> Rivka - And everybody knows, canaries can't mine coal. Why's everybody
> panicking?  dylan

Do you mean by that, that whatever is killing the bees may also be 
toxic to humans, in the same fashion in which the lack of oxygen that 
can kill canaries in mines is also toxic to humans?

This possibility is of course another good reason why unexplained 
deaths or other major problems of any species should be investigated, 
whether or not they're directly and obviously involved in the food 
chain which feeds humans. Whatever's killing the bees might or might 
not be toxic to humans, but as long as we don't know what's killing 
them, we also don't know whether it threatens us directly.

However, it's got nothing to do with the point I was making. I never 
said that CCD should not be investigated; if you read all of my post, 
you'll see that I was saying exactly the opposite. What I meant was 
that attempting to impress the importance of an issue on others by 
including exaggerated and clearly false information often doesn't have 
that effect; it instead often has the effect of causing people to 
dismiss the entire thing as nonsense, which is unwise. It's especially 
unwise if the issue is genuinely important, as this one is.

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